Editorial Letter

Dear Friends and Brothers,

Under the umbrella of Rhinology Unites, the ISIAN-IRS-PARS 2013 Conference will take place from 5-9 November 2013 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, where it will gather international rhinology figures and all those working in the field of rhinology from all over the world. This is the 4th Pan Arab Rhinology Society Conference (PARS). 

This distinguished international rhinology conference, long awaited by its members and participants, will include; rich scientific content, networking opportunities, in addition to the exquisite location of the conference,Sharm El-Sheikh. This location has been selected out of 27 governorates in Egypt, because of its clear blue sky, crystal clear water, breath taking marine life, warm sunshine and fine Sands. We are also arranging for a post congress scuba diving 3 days trip trip (Rhino-dive). 

We would like to reassure everybody that Sharm El-Sheikh is far away from disturbances. We have received great support from the highest governmental authorities regarding utmost safety measures during the conference in addition to administrative support. 

We urge you to register now by visiting this link:

http://isian-irs-pars2013.org/registration.php, where you can still catch early registration.

Welcome to Sharm El-Sheikh, Welcome to Rhinology Unites, Welcome to ISIAN-IRS-PARS 2013, Egypt. 


         Reda Kamel                                                        Ahmed El Farouk
        Editor in - chief                                                       Executive Editor
   Professor of Rhinology                             Assistant Professor Ear, Nose & Throat
   Cairo University, Egypt                                         Cairo University, Egypt
     President of PARS
   ISIAN, IRS, PARS 2013