Evaluation of use of polyvinyl acetate as a nasal packing after partial inferior turbinectomy

Haider Wahab Alasarhan,a Abulhussain Kareem Juwary,b Ali Abed Mohammadb

aAssistant Professor of Otolaryngology, bSenior Lecturer of otolaryngology, College of Medicie, AlMustansiriya University

Background: Nasal Packing is usually needed after partial inferior turbinectomy to stop bleeding; various materials have been used for this purpose; one of most widely use is polyvinyl acetate (PVA) nasal packing.

Aim of the Study: is to evaluate the efficacy of PVA packing in reducing bleeding after turbinate surgery as compared to conventional Vaseline gauze packing and to evaluate the efficacy of PVA packing in reducing pain during removal of nasal packing by proper distribution of local anesthetic agent injected in the pack 10 minutes before removal.

Patients and methods: Prospective study of 100 patient underwent bilateral partial inferior turbinectomy; In 50 patients (100 nostrils) conventional vaseline nasal packing used and in the other 50 patients (100 nostrils) PVA nasal packing used. All nasal packs of the two types were injected with xylocaine 10 minutes before removal; the amount of bleeding and the degree of pain induced during removal were assessed in both two types of nasal packs.

Results: PVA packs were associated with less bleeding after removal and less pain during removal of the conventional nasal packs; and statistically there was a highly significant deference’s.

Conclusions: PVA packs give superior results over the conventional vaseline nasal packs.

Keywords: Polyvinyl acetate, turbinectomy, epistaxis

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