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Pan Arab Rhinology Society PARS

PARS news - Radiology Quiz - August, 2017

Aug 24, 2017

Radiology Quiz

                27 years old female presented by right cystic mass at the floor of right nostril causing obliteration of medial part of the right nasolabial fold and elevation of the upper lip above it.  The mass had a gradual onset, progressive course over several months. No other nasal symptoms. By palpation: hard hemispherical mass, smooth surface, not hot, not tender and normal intact non-adherent overlying skin. Nasal examination: elevation of the floor of the right nasal vestibule. Oral cavity: obliteration of the oral vestibule beneath the right nostril.  

Answer: Globulomaxillary cyst

Presented By

Adel El-Antably, MD

Lecturer of ORL

Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

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